Almaviva is located in the highest part of Maipo Valley, in Chile’s central zone, Puente Alto was recognized over twenty years ago as offering ideal conditions for growing the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. It is here that 60 hectares have been reserved exclusively for Almaviva.

Made from a blend of classic Bordeaux varieties, in which Cabernet Sauvignon predominates, Almaviva is the result of a felicitous encounter between two cultures.

Chile offers its soil, its climate and its vineyards, while France contributes its winemaking savoir-faire and traditions.

The result is an exceptionally elegant and complex wine. Its launch was a major milestone in the development of Chilean wines, both in Chile itself and in the international market.

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A product of her environment, Danielle grew up in the Carneros region of Napa Valley. She learned the basics of viticulture, helping family in the vineyards as early as she can remember.

Focusing her efforts on the arts, she attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, completing a graphic design program, later a Bachelor of Business Administration with Indiana University. An internship in Public Relations hooked her back into the wine industry, where she officially started her career in Promotions and Marketing with Freixenet USA, based in Sonoma. After five glorious years, she switched gears to work on larger volume brands with Constellation Wines U.S. in San Francisco. The opportunity arose to move to Singapore in 2007 where she led the Fine Wine portfolio development and distribution throughout Asia Pacific with Vina Concha y Toro (VCT) until repatriating in late 2013. Mother of three ambitious soccer players, she balances family time with the joy of representing and overseeing the sales of ALMAVIVA, the exceptional Primer Orden throughout the United States.